• Make sure you have lingerie that fits, and remove all tags

  • Get a mani/pedi please!

  • Professional make-up and hair. Treat yourself!  OR ... If you are doing this session before your wedding, use it as a dry run on your make-up and hair before your big day!

  • Moisturize your skin. Shave legs, underarms the night before. 

  • No shimmer or sparkles.

  • Bring more than one outfit to be photographed in, have options in the event you change your mind.

  • Bring extra stockings ( if you are using them for the shoot).

  • Use pantyhose instead of thigh highs for larger legs.

  • Materials with texture photograph well.

  • Bring high heels, thigh-high boots. Avoid shoes that have a thick heel, or ankle straps.

  • Try to avoid tan lines. Don't get a spray on tan. Hands and feet look odd.

  • Bring significant other's clothing as an outfit or prop. Fireman or police outfits, sports jerseys, cowboy attire, or even a dress shirt. Creativity is the best!

  • The more outfits, the more options. 

  • Don't' drink alcohol the night before the session to avoid dehydration. 

  • Wear loose fitting clothing to session. E.X. Tight bra straps or waistbands.

  • Bring a robe!

  • Practice some poses in the mirror at home!

Helpful Tips to Prepare for Boudoir Photoshoot





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